Subscription Q&A

Cardrona Distillery Subscription Q&A
Following the launch of our new subscription service we would like to cover possible queries you may have;
Q: What is the frequency of deliveries?
A: Monthly, recurring in line with the date of your first delivery. 
Q: Can I nominate someone to receive a bottle?
A: Yes, if it's a loved one's special occasion you can ask us to send a bottle on your behalf. Simply add your request in the text box marked ‘Special instructions for seller’ and provide the recipient’s address. 
Q: Can I gift an entire subscription?
A: Yes, just make the order as normal but designate the recipient in the delivery address section.
Q: How often am I billed?
A: Monthly, in line with your original order date. 
Q: Do I need to remember to reorder?
A: No, it is an automatic monthly recurring subscription, which continues until you cancel.  If you’d like to nominate the amount of months at the beginning, please note in the ‘special instructions for seller’ text box and we will action accordingly. 
Q: Can I cancel if I need to?
A: You can cancel at any time, just email and we will process and confirm to you. 
Q: If I choose 'Medley', will I know what I'm receiving on a monthly basis?
A: We will send you our classic range on a rotating basis, including: The Source Gin, the reid Single Malt Vodka, The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky - Solera, Rose Rabbit Orange, Rose Rabbit Elderflower, Rose Rabbit Butterscotch.  Exclusive releases are excluded - please purchase the Magic if you wish to receive the exclusive releases.
Q: If I choose 'Magic', will I know what I'm receiving on a monthly basis?
A:  Select 'Magic' to be guaranteed to never miss a special release. Includes Barrel Aged Gin releases, Single Cask Whisky releases, Limited edition reid bottles and Seasonal Rose Rabbit bottles. If there’s a month without a special release we will include products from the classic range or our gift range to the value of the subscription. 
Q: What is the difference between 'Medley' & 'Magic'?
A: 'Medley' covers our classic range - our core products, 'Magic' ensures you will never miss out on a Cardrona Distillery special release, from limited editions to single cask releases.
Q: Can I sign up at any time?
A: Yes, but we will limit 'Magic' to 200 subscribers due to the limited stock availability of single cask releases.
Q: Can I buy this anywhere in the world?
A: This is available in New Zealand only, for now.